What is Dollarplusstore?

Dollarplusstore is your destination for the consumable, general merchandise and gifts starting at just $1.00. Consumers in USA now can shop for their Health & Beauty, Candy & Food, Cleaning products, Stationery, Party Supplies, Toys, Books, Apparel, Footwear, Baby care products and products from a host of other categories via Dollarplusstore.

What do I need to make an account?

You need to provide your name, your email address, and a password. You should also set your Affiliate ID in the registration page. Note that this field can be changed at any time, even at the point of purchase, and all such changes are global. Hence, if you need to use more than one affiliate ID, it is recommended that you make a separate account for each affiliate ID. Only the email needs to be unique in forming new accounts. Once made, you can use your account to buy products on our website and to view your Store Credit balance and purchase history.

What do I need to do to buy?

You need to log into your account and make sure the correct Affiliate ID is set. Go to your account and click edit below contact information. There you will see a field for Affiliate ID. If it is not there or is incorrect, type it in and click Save. Any changes to your Affiliate ID affects all records, including past purchases. So it is not recommended that you use different affiliate IDs with the same account. If you need to use more than one affiliate ID, we recommend that you open an account for each affiliate ID. All you need to do that is to have a unique email address for each account.

What do I need to purchase merchandise?

In addition to logging into your account and setting your Affiliate ID, you also need to have Store Credit to buy merchandise. Note though that Store Credit only applies to the Subtotal. For taxes and shipping you will need to also enter in info for another payment method, such as credit card or eCheck info.

How do I apply Store Credit to the Subtotal?

In the Checkout page, the lowest Payment method is Store Credit. Click on the link that says "Use Store Credit". A button will appear below that also says "Use Store Credit". Click on that and Store Credit will be applied to your Subtotal.

How do I know if I have applied Store Credit to my Subtotal?

In the Order Summary you should see a line below Cart Subtotal that says Store Credit with a negative amount applied to your cart balance.

How do I unapply Store Credit to the Subtotal?

You can unapply Store Credit by reclicking the "Use Store Credit" link and you should see a Cancel button appear. Click that and your Store Credit will be unapplied. Note that applied Store Credit is only deducted from your balance when the purchase is successfully processed.

When is Store Credit actually deducted from my balance?

Store Credit is deducted from your balance at the time the purchase is made, provided that you have selected to use Store Credit as mentioned above.

How do I get Store Credit?

Store Credit is acquired by purchasing specail packages or offers that specifically say the amount of Store Credit to be awarded upon Purchase. If a credit card is used for the purchase, you will see the Store Credit applied immediately to your account. If you use the check or money order payment method, you will be awarded Store Credit as soon as we receive your payment. Currently, we are selling the Asian Summer Offer, which is a special package that awards you $250 in Store Credit for each one purchased. And note that their is a limited supply of them.

Where can I see my Store Credit balance?

When you are logged on, you will see your Store Credit balance in the drop down menu when you click your name in the menu item at the top right of the webpage. If you click on that Store Credit menu item in the drop down, you will be brought to a page where you can see all your transactions in Store Credit, both your additions through buying packages, and your deductions through buying merchandise. You will also see any refunds or Store Credit balance adjustments made to your account by our administrators.

What can I do with Store Credit?

Store Credit is required to buy merchandise on DollarPlusStore.com. When you go through the checkout to buy merchandise, be sure to select the option to use Store Credit so that it will be deducted from your subtotal. Note that the special rules of purchasing require that to make the purchase your remaining Store Credit after the purchase must either be totally zeroed out, or else at least $50 left in your balance. Why is this? It is because we require at least $50 of merchandise to be put in your cart to make a purchase (This is in the Subtotal, before taxes and shipping.) We don't want there to be a situation where you do not have enough Store Credit left in your balance to make another purchase, unless it is zero.

What is Store Credit not applicable to?

Shipping charges and taxes need to be paid with using a regular payment method, such as a credit card. Store Credit cannot be applied to shipping and handling and taxes, but only to the subtotal of general merchandise purchases. The Asian Summer Offer is not counted as general merchandise but as a package for acquiring Store Credit instead. Hence, Store Credit may not be applied to the purchase of the Asian Summer Package. If you believe that you were in fact deceived into making a purchase from deliberate omission on the part of advertisers that taxes and shipping would be extra charges, you may be a victim of false advertising. False advertising is a state crime. State consumer protection laws usually allow consumers or businesses to directly sue advertisers for any monetary damages stemming from the false advertisements.

What is the Dollarplusstore Experience?

You will get the best value for the money and a completely hassle-free experience. We’re laser focused on providing shoppers with big savings across all categories.

Where do you ship from?

Items sold and fulfilled by Dollarplusstore are shipped from our fulfillment center in locations across the United States. Dollarplusstore will keep on adding new and exciting products every month to our online shopping platform, which currently boasts over 30,000 items in stock here in the USA.

How long is the shipping time?

After the order is placed, the expected delivery time is 7-10 business days (Monday - Friday, excluding Holidays).

How do I place an order on the DollarPlusStore.com Site?

Follow the instruction on our How to Place an Order page. If you need further help give us a call at 800-705-5277 or send us an e-mail at contact@dollarstore.com. Our support hours are Monday - Friday,10am - 5pm PST.


The order must include at least $50 in items (Pre- Tax and shipping). Orders are shipped via USPS

Order & Payments

We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express.
Affiliate can accept Check made to US Dollarstore LLC.


Customers who wish to return their merchandise because they are simply not satisfied with the item(s) may do so within 10 days from the date of receiving the purchase. The merchandise must be in its original packaging and the item must be currently carried on our website. Customers will bear the cost of return shipping and a restocking fee of $4.95

Note. Returns will not be accepted without prior contact or authorization from your salesperson. Contact 800-705-5277 via email to Contact@dollarstore.com