How to Place Orders

  1. Before you buy, make sure you have an account set up. All accounts that purchased anything or were opened on or after July 14 have been moved over to the new site. So you can log on with the same email and password. Do so and verify that the Affiliate ID is correct for that account. If not, you can change it in the edit section of account information. Otherwise, you must create an account. You can change your affiliate ID at anytime. Just note any changes affects all records on our site.
  2. Note that to buy, you will need to be logged into your account. Also, verify that you have the correct Affiliate ID set. You can see that by clicking the edit link below contact information in your account. Your Affiliate ID is tied to your account but can be easily changed at anytime. Hence, there is no longer any popup asking you to set your affiliate ID.
  3. Log onto your account. Create a new account if you do not yet have one. You need your name, email address, and a password to create an account. You should also set your Affiliate ID here as well. Note that it can be changed at any time, including at purchase time. However, note that changing your affiliate ID affects all our records. Hence, if you need to use multiple Affiliate IDs, it is recommended that you use a separate account for each unique affiliate ID.
  4. Click the shopping cart icon to the upper right. It will show the Mini Summary of Cart.
  5. Then click "view and edit cart". This will take you to the actual shopping cart.
  6. Modify cart so that you have at least $50 in your subtotal. If you are buying merchandise, you also need to make sure that you select to use Store Credit in either the Shopping Cart of the Checkout. You will know it has been applied when you see it deduct from your subtotal. Note that you still need a credit card to pay for shipping and handling.
  7. When the above conditions are satisfied, you will see the button: Go to Checkout, in blue. Click it.
  8. Now you enter or select your address.
  9. Select Payment method. (This may be the following page.) Fill out the required payment info. If you are buying merchandise, be sure to click the Use Store Credit option to apply store credit to your subtotal (To apply it, you need to click the button that appears after you click the link.). Note that Store Credit is not applied to shipping and taxes. For shipping and taxes you need to select a payment method, such as credit card or eCheck. Hence, when buying merchandise, you always need to both apply Store Credit and enter payment info for one of the payment methods.
  10. Click Place Order. If everything is successful, you will see an order number appear after several seconds and a success message.
  11. If an error pops up, check your credit cart/back account numbers you entered. This is the most common reason for an error at this point.

Other Modes of payment

  1. Check Payment: Make Check payable to US Dollarstore LLC and mail to:
    US Dollarstore LLC
    2082 Business Center Drive, Suite 180
    Irvine, California 92612 USA
  2. Bank Transfer Payment: Wire Transfer Payment to:
    2082 Business Center Drive, Suite 180
    Irvine, California 92612 USA

    Chase Bank
    23861 El Toro Rd
    El Toro, California 92630 USA
    Routing Number: 322271627
    Account Number: 128505881
    Swift Code: CHASUS33